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505 Health-Preserving Sachet
¡¾Main Ingredients¡¿ It comprises 22 traditional Chinese herbs including artemisia leaf, calamus,
rhizoma atractylodis, ageratum, herba eupatorii, angelica dahurica, realgar, and borneol   
¡¾Function and Applicable Scope¡¿Dispel filth with scent, detoxicate, resolve turbidity, expel the evil, and realize epidemic prevention. It can realize excellent preventive and health-preserving effect on flu, varicella, measles, mumps, and chronic respiratory disease.
¡¾Instruction¡¿Unpack it and wear it at the chest 
No. 1 heart-shaped sachet: 8¡Á6.5cm, 8g medicinal powder for each sachet
No. 2 heart-shaped sachet: 5¡Á6.5cm, 5g medicinal powder for each sachet
No. 3 heart-shaped sachet: 4¡Á4.5cm, 3g medicinal powder for each sachet
No. 5 oval sachet: 4¡Á3.5cm, 1.5g medicinal powder for each sachet
¡¾Storage¡¿Sealed and kept in cool and dry place
Pregnant women or people with allergic constitution shall take sufficient care or follow the doctor¡¯s advice in using this product.
¡¾Shelf Life¡¿2 years (to be finalized)
¡¾Approval No.¡¿ShaanShiYaoJianJianYongZi No. 04010093   
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