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505 Hot Springs Rehabilitation Center
505 Hot Springs Rehabilitation Center, located at Xianyang in Shaanxi nine sub-zones Beach, a beautiful environment and pleasant weather. And the Longhai Railway, 312 National Highway, Westwood with the adjacent highway from Xi'an Xianyang International Airport more than 10 kilometers per year, millions of Chinese and foreign tourists come to visit and travel. Hot Springs depth 2658M, water 155M / H, water temperature of 92 ¡æ. Shaanxi Province by the Office of Geology and Mineral identification test, the hot spring water high medical value, iodine, fluorine, boric acid-mine water levels reached three, Piangui Suan, the fluoride concentration of mineral water to achieve name can be referred to as silicon water, fluoride Hot water complex medical mineral water, but also conducive to human health contain lithium, strontium, copper, iron, such as the rare element germanium. Projects with a total investment of 50,000,000 yuan, 25,000,000 yuan has been invested to build Hot Springs Rehabilitation Center, more than 10,000 square meters, required to absorb capital 25,000,000 yuan for supporting the project, management, service facilities and publicity operating expenses.
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