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Shaanxi Huiwu Institute of Technology
Shaanxi Institute of Science and Technology Wu Hui (505 University) in 1993 by the Shaanxi Provincial People's Government approved the establishment of the State Ministry of Education for the record so a medical, computer and management disciplines featuring full-time private comprehensive university. Chairman and Vice-Chancellor Professor Wu Hui to the Department of the CPPCC National Committee members, national model workers, the well-known technology entrepreneurs. He made brilliant achievements in the business at the same time, the full back to society, in order to serve the country and Germany and has worked for the Beijing University, Xi'an Jiaotong University, and other tertiary institutions to set up 15 "505 Scholarship Fund" and aid the country in the hope that the 12 primary schools, a total funding of education The cause of up to 5,000 million and 7,000 million investment in the creation of Shaanxi Institute of Science and Technology Wu Hui (505 University), China's business school to create a precedent by party and state leaders and social concerns of the community.
     School is located in the ancient capital of Xianyang City Economic and Technological Development Zone, accessibility, location and campus area of 398 mu, floor area over 40,000 square meters, green area of more than 60%; existing and part-time teachers in more than 150 people, more than 1,000 students, Teaching and living-the-art facilities complete; with Medical College, Information Engineering, Department of Economics and Management, Department of Human Sciences, Department of Pre-college, high school, a total of 16 professionals. Among Undergraduate Self 7, 16 professional specialist, professional education diploma exam 6.

     School, university and implement a comprehensive national education policy, improve teaching facilities, Yanzhua style of study, the wind and school construction, efforts to improve the quality of teaching, my students in the Self previous results in both the province's highest civilian-run colleges and universities . Has been rated as "Shaanxi社會力量辦learn advanced unit" and was approved as a "pilot Certificate in Higher Education institutions." "Guangming Daily", "China Youth Daily", "Shaanxi Daily" and other news media reported that the topic numerous times, lead to a huge response by students and parents trust.

     In the new century, Shaanxi Institute of Science and Technology Wu Hui (505 University) seize the opportunity and advance with the times, "Hing school reform, technology and education" of ideas, and strive to realize the modernization of education, school principals to put forward: "Wu Hui Shaanxi Science and Technology College (505 University) train students not only learn professional knowledge, but also for other school and to study engineering, agricultural science, military science, science, to make itself into a multi-skill people, ┄ ┅. We must We should Shaanxi Institute of Science and Technology Wu Hui (505 University) into a self-design students to complete the cradle; science and technology entrepreneurs to cultivate the nursery; high-tech experiment base for research projects; industry, academia, research development of the training center. " School leaders in the team to Wuxiao Chang-hui's leadership, promote self-reliance and hard work, unity and fighting spirit, in accordance with our country, "社會力量辦school regulations," the spirit of the requirements of the school to further expand the scale, speed up infrastructure construction to improve conditions for running schools and improve school Level. Adhere to the "man-made education a fundamental, teacher-led instruction to the center to focus on disciplines in order to reform as the driving force for the purpose of the development of" educational guidelines, to promote the Shaanxi Institute of Science and Technology Wu Hui (505 University) of the Construction and reform of the current campus infrastructure, standardization of track and field stadium, the unique landscape of school gardens are being continuously improved; multi-financing, the extension of the new building, modern laboratory, library, audio-visual multi-media centers, multi-function, and so on Lab Teaching facilities has been activated project, the existing 40,000 square meters on the basis of a further expansion of more than 20,000 square meters; the expansion of professional teaching practice base 10; actively carry out distance education network; ┅ ┅. In short, five-year period of time so that the Shaanxi Institute of Science and Technology Wu Hui (505 University), the size of the school, education model, management system, the quality of education, mental outlook, employment channels, and so on a development by leaps and bounds! In the 5000-8000 school teachers and students reach people.

     Wu Hui Shaanxi Institute of Technology (University 505) five hundred and five rely on brand-name enterprises in a position of relative strength, the use of the existing educational resources, professional on the basis of the original, and gradually form a "specialized, refined, strong, and special" brand-name department or professional ; At the same time, subject to focus on building the implementation of the "great work" - an old building, in green, a combination of high-quality professionals, part-time teachers, at present, to employ a visiting professor, leader and so on First-rate teachers are to start work. And the use of the advantages of these brands of professional teaching, research and production closely together on market opportunities and challenges, will be committed to the Shaanxi Institute of Science and Technology Wu Hui (505 University) into the "industry, academia, research capacity in one "The new private university. In order to cultivate not only have professional knowledge and professional skills with a variety of practical, creative, versatile high-quality personnel and make unremitting efforts, the twenty-first century, Shaanxi Institute of Science and Technology Wu Hui (505 University) development prospects will be even more brilliant!
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